livinrentfree is a social business focusing on teaching people how to eliminate their housing expense or in other words, empowering people by teaching them how to live rent free.

Thus far I have educated and empowered tens of thousands of people to invest in 2-4 unit multifamily real estate. My students live in one unit, rent out other units and live rent free.

To date, my students have purchased over $16 million worth of real estate.

Why is this important? Thousands of low income families all over America are severely rent-burdened, meaning they spend more than 50% of their income on housing. Many more than that are "rent-burdened" and spend greater than 30% of their income on housing.  Many of my students are the underserved and the overlooked. They're people who never thought they could buy or invest in real estate.

By using little to nothing down methods my students are able to buy real estate that pays for itself, and escape the trap of being rent-burdened or severely rent burdened.

It is my hope that with my social business, livinrentfree, I can empower hundreds of people to not only prevent financial insecurity and poverty, but to build wealth as well!

Who Am I

My name is Mark Jones II and I am a Los Angeles native. Growing up in Los Angeles, I was inspired by the real estate developer Rick Caruso of Caruso Affiliates and his developments The Grove and The Americana. As a child, seeing huge Caruso® real estate developments spring up inspired me to create something of my own. In a way it empowered me. I asked myself, “If other people could create something beautiful in real estate that brought such beauty and enjoyment into the lives of others, why couldn’t I?”

Today I empower others in real estate in the following ways:

-Education: Founded an online education platform (livinrentfree) where we teach thousands of people across the nation how to invest in and build wealth through real estate. Our students have purchased over $16M worth of real estate in the last year alone.
-Los Angeles Brokerage: Helping others to buy and sell real estate as a Los Angeles real estate agent.


Empowering others has become my life purpose. There are a million ways to empower others but I have chosen to do so in the field of real estate.


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 ELIMINATING RENT: I'll teach you how to live rent free by eliminating your rent or mortgage expense!


 PASSIVE INCOME: I'll teach you the power of passive income through real estate!


 CLOSING DEALS: I'll teach you the keys on how to close on deals with less (0%-5%) money down!



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